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 Shrubs, Ornamental Trees, Perennials, Ferns, Grasses

Lawn Ornaments, Flowers, and many other items.

Fall Trees are Available for Planting! 

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Fernspray Chamaecyparis

The gold form of 'Filicoides' -- a bush or small tree of open, irregular habit, branches long, clothed with dense pendulous clusters of fern-spray, golden foliage.

Fernspray Gold Chamaecyparis

Classy, arching sprays of golden, fern-like foliage decorate this arresting tree. Each unique, flattened branch tapers to a point, just as a fern frond does. Give this intermediate-sized gem plenty of sun and ample moisture to achieve the brightest gold. 

Red Star Chamaecyparis

Soft, gray-green foliage gets a burgundy cast in winter then returns to it's cooler summer color in spring. 

Golden Charm Chamaecyparis

A beautiful landscape evergreen with sprays of fine threadlike leaves that emerge a bright gold and hold their yellow color well into the heat of summer, forms a compact haystack shape over the years, an excellent color accent shrub for the garden

Hinoki Chamaecyparis

Striking, tri-colored conifer has dark red stems and creamy white foliage with gold-yellow edges. Heat and drought-tolerant, this evergreen grows at a medium rate and is resistant to deer

Tsukome Chamaecyparis

A flat green bun-shaped Swara Cypress. Grows only to 12 inches across in 10 years and only 4 inches high

Yadori Chamaecyparis

This slow growing cultivar was previously known as 'Sanderi'. Both the young blue-green new growth and scale-like foliage of old growth appear at the same time.

Black Dragon Cryptomeria

Light green foliage in the spring, darkens through the years to dark green. Irregular growth habit but overall a pyramidal, compact plant with a growth rate of 3-6" per year

Globosa Nana Cryptomeria

Rich green squiggly ranches, making a striking clumper.

Vintage Jade Distylium

The smallest of the distylium, 'Vintage Jade' is perfect for thick, low hedges and borders along walkways or paths. It may also be used as front of the garden edging

Dwarf Burning Bush Euonymous

Burning bush is best known for its spectacular red fall colour which is the most intense if it's grown in full sun. It also has attractive reddish purple fruit. 

Gardenia August Beauty

2-3" double white, wonderfully fragrant blooms are borne for an exceptionally long period on this hardy evergreen shrub. Rich deep green foliage on a dense plant.

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Boaz Farm and Garden would like to say "Thank You" for visiting our site.

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